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When starting my virtual assistant business, the dilemma of what to charge literally kept me up at night. I had done my research, so I knew what the ballpark figures were that professional virtual assistants were charging. I also knew my value, but I’m just starting out. How could I possibly demand $25 to $60.00 an hour for my services? I thought, if I charge that, I’ll never get clients as a new V.A.!

Eventually, I settled on an hourly rate between the median price ranges. However, in my quest to obtain clients, I found myself accepting whatever the client wanted to pay,  and soon became very disillusioned.  Because I had to start earning some money, I began answering ads from people who wanted to pay hourly rates of $15, $10, and oh my gosh, I even accepted a job for $8.00 an hour. This was performing marketing-related services. I began thinking to myself, “I can’t do this.” Evelyn, what the heck are you doing?” I wasn’t that desperate. Was I? I cannot sell myself short. I haven’t made $8.00 an hour since I was a freshman in high school for God’s sake! If this is what it’s going to be like, I’m going to back into the corporate world, where I was at least paid a decent salary and received benefits!

However, my husband, who is my sounding board and head cheerleader, reminded me that starting this business is what I had been praying for and that I had to press on; but to be consistent and not to sell myself short. I have great skills. I’m good at what do. I have over 18 years of professional experience. I successfully ran programs with budgets of almost a half a million dollars.  Sure, I was in business, but I didn’t feel proud of myself knowing I was allowing myself to be taken advantage of. I felt violated each and every time.  (more…)


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