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If you have the skills and experience, transcribing is a great niche, or a great area to focus on while building your clientèle in other areas of virtual assisting.

Contrary to popular belief a transcriptionist is more than just a “typist.” We have to be excellent spellers, be patient, be able to decipher various accents and dialects. We have to have a great eye and be a good proofreader. We have to be able to listen to people speak, use a foot pedal, type at the same time, and be relatively quick about it. And a good transcriber should be an intermediate to advanced user of Microsoft Word. (more…)


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Do not panic! Houston, we’ve got a problem! But thankfully Google had the answer. I was in the middle of a transcription job; on my last hour of six hours of transcription, when low and behold I pressed some odd combination of keys and my screen turned sideways! What the heck is going on here?! I didn’t know what combination of keys I pressed, nor did I know what combination of keys to press to fix the problem. So I thought okay. (more…)

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